Gong-san (CEO)

Gong-san is our CEO and also our sole developer of our game EnglishStory. He likes reading manga and watching historical Japanese movie. Most of all he loves programming just like as he is living.


Pagen is our strategies and designer. He's the one drawing the cute cards and background that you see in our game.


Yagi-san is our English Story question maker Manager . She's the one responsible for editing and checking good questions in our game.


Makoto-san is one of our English Story maker. He's responsible for making and planning for what question should be used.
Leazl-san (President)

Leazl-san is our company president in the Philippines. She's also responsible for all the legal documentation and payroll of Filipino employees.


April-san is the Website Content Manager. She's responsible for making the English content on the FreCre site. She also helps out in our testing English Story game.


Chalie-san is our Website Designer. She's responsible for the art and design in our website. She also helps out on testing phase in English Story game.


Kyrie-san is our English Story Publisher. She's responsible on testing and publishing on different platform. Also she's handling our analytics.


Bhem-san is our AssetStore Publisher. She's responsible for testing and making the package to sell on Asset Store in Unity. She also helps our on testing phase.