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This “Privacy Policy” on every application and service website (the “Service”) operated by FreCre, Inc. (the “Company”) , constitutes a part of the Terms of Use for END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, and applies to users when they use the Service. Personal information obtained from users through the Service is managed in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy does not apply to users’ personal information that is obtained by those companies, etc. who provide information and services through the Service, nor does it apply to any party other than the users of the Service.

1.     Collection of personal information

2.     Use of collected personal information

3.     Provision to third parties

4.     Renewal of the “Privacy Policy”

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information means any information by which an individual may be directly identified (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, sex, date of birth, etc.) and any information belonging to such individual (usage history, usage fees, hobbies and preferences, interests, etc.).
Other personal information obtained through the Service is kept confidential at the same level as the confidential information in connection with the business of the Company is kept. In addition, any information that, alone may not directly identify an individual, but may become personal information by being combined with other information is handled in the same manner.

1. Collection of Personal Information

The Company requests its users to provide their personal information when making inquiries to the Company.
All personal information collected through the Service is managed by the Company.
Personal information provided to the Company through the Service is maintained in whole or in part by a server management company to which the Company outsources its services. When outsourcing, the Company discloses information only to the extent necessary to achieve its objective[s], strictly reviews the handling of information by such service management company, separately executes a confidentiality agreement regarding personal information, and requires such service management company to handle personal information in the same manner as it is handled within the Company; therefore, users can use the Services at ease.

2. Use of Collected Personal Information

All personal information collected by the Company, including information submitted by users when making inquiries to the Company through the Service, is used solely in connection with the use of services provided by the Company. 
No personal information obtained by the Company through the Service is transmitted to or used in a database, etc. related to other services offered by the Company, nor is it shared or combined with any other personal information which the Company receives, such as personal information registered through services separately operated by the Company.

The purposes of use of the personal information by the Company are as follows, and no personal information shall be used for any other purpose.

·       (a) Handling of disputes and lawsuits; and

·       (b) Offering of after-purchase services such as customer support.

Any personal information which has been collected shall be disposed of once the Company reasonably determines that it is no longer necessary for normal business operation of the Company.

3. Provision to Third Parties

The Company never discloses personal information to a third party except for cases where the Company outsources, to a third party company, part or all of its services, provides responses and other services that are requested by users that provided personal information; provided, however, that upon request from courts, police, tax offices, customer affairs centers and other institutions authorized by laws and ordinances, the Company may disclose personal information without permission from the relevant information provider. When outsourcing, the Company discloses information only to the extent necessary to achieve its objective[s], strictly reviews the handling of information by such contractor, separately executes a confidentiality agreement regarding personal information, and requires such contractor to handle personal information in the same manner as it is handled within the Company.

4. Renewal of the “Privacy Policy”

Unlike the terms of use of the Services, this “Privacy Policy” is not to obtain consent from the users, but is to disclose our policies regarding the handling of personal information by the Company. The Company may revise the contents of the “Privacy Policy” according to any revisions of the law, changes in the Company’s business and/or requests from users. In such case, the Company shall make an announcement to such revision, in advance, in a way that is easy for users to review and then the revised privacy policy will take effect after passing a certain period of time.

Should you have any questions about the Company’s handling of personal information, please contact our inquiry desk (naotika@frecre.com).

Supplementary Provisions

·       Formulated on May 10, 2013

 「プライバシー・ポリシー」は、FreCre Inc.(以下「当社」)が運営するアプリケーション(以下「本サービス」)において、本サービス利用にあたって利用者に適用されるエンド・ユーザー使用許諾契約書の一部を構成しており、利用者が本サービスを利用するときに適用されます。また、本サービスにおいて利用者から取得した個人情報は、本プライバシー・ポリシーに従って管理されます。本サービスを通じて情報やサービスを提供している会社などがそれぞれ利用者のみなさまから取得している個人情報については適用されません。また、本サービスの利用者以外の方には適用されません。

1.     個人情報収集について

2.     収集した個人情報使用につい

3.     第三者提供につい

4.     プライバシーポリシー更新につい



1. 個人情報収集につい


2. 収集した個人情報使用につい



·        () 紛争訴訟などへ対応

·        () カスタマーサポート等アフターサービスを行


3. 第三者提供につい


4. プライバシーポリシー更新につい




·       2013510日制