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Current Openings

We are looking for a game planning intern to help with game designing and development. Part of the game planner’s duty will be to monitor the progress of the team, manage data production, and lay out document specifications. The best candidate will be someone who can leverage collaborative ideas to increase team performance and effectively work with the group to produce quality games.

Job Responsibilities

  • Plan, direct and manage mobile game creation
  • Design game balance, level design & any data to operate game
  • Make specification document
  • Assist the director in producing and delegating tasks to team
  • Analyze user action data to improve game
  • Do quality control of the game
  • Plan and promote campaigns for game improvement

Job Qualifications

  • Experience in mobile game industry and web marketing
  • Experience in outsourcing and project management
  • Producer or director experience for mobile games
  • Nihonggo proficiency is an advantage
  • Director experience and operation for contents
  • Experience in planning and analysis of KPIs
  • Interested in releasing games worldwide
  • Extensive knowledge of games and entertainment and a gamer themselves
  • Passion for mobile games