Correctly Read and Say These Words

Do you ever catch yourself hesitating to read a word aloud cause you don’t know how to say it correctly? Well, here are some of the words that can help you remember what a complicated word should sound like.

Let's learn how to pronounce words

[pruh-nuhn-see-ey-shuh n]

“Pronounce” is different from “pronunciation” when you read it slowly. It’s changed from ‘-noun’ to ‘-nun’ like a religious woman. 
Remember: pronunciation = pro(nun)ciation


Some may read it like “steer,” but it sounds just like “sir” with a ‘t’ in the middle.
Remember: stir = sir 


You should be friends with a guy named Dave cause this word has a sound like his name.
Remember: affidavit = affi(dave)it


Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry. That’s how “bury” should sound – “berry.”
Remember: bury = berry


It looks complicated with just vowels after the Q, but it is a word that sounds just like the letter Q.
Remember: queue = q


You may pronounce it like “sue,” even if the spelling is like “few,” but it actually sounds like “so.” 
Remember: sew = so

Words with silent letters are usually the tricky ones. Especially if you are not familiar with the word, then neither how to say it.


Sometimes, people regret having a debt that they’d wish they could just forget. Oh! It rhymes with “set.” Better set a date on when to pay that debt. Remember: debt = set


When spelling this word, you should see that there’s a ‘p,’ but when you say it, you have to unsee the ‘p.’ 
Remember: receipt = re(see)t

[sam-uh n]

Ho! Ho! Ho! Noel is Christmas in French, and to pronounce salmon, there should be “no-el” as in the ‘l’ is silent. 
Remember: salmon = noel 

[wenz-dey, -dee]

Do you know “when iz” Wednesday? It’s the fourth day of the week! So if you forget, just ask.
Remember: Wednesday = (when)zday

[ duh-bree, dey-bree ]

Be free like the breeze! This word does not sound like “the breeze.” Just don’t say the ‘s’ and you’ll be free from this mess. 
Remember: debris = be free

Google Pronunciation

Do not be troubled if you still have difficulty in saying these words. Practice makes perfect.

To help you practice the words that are difficult for you to say, use your phone, then go to Google and type “how to pronounce (word).”

You can tap the “Practice” button, and if you mispronounce a letter, it can tell you which one it is.

You can try and try until you can say it correctly.

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