Learn English with Netflix

Learning English or another new language is acquired better when immersing oneself to it, like speaking the language or going to the country of the language you’re learning. The good news is Netflix has made it simple for English learners to learn the language while chilling at home.

Chrome Extension

Simply install the Language Learning with Netflix (LLN) Chrome extension for free on your laptop or computer. Log in to your account on Netflix, and choose a movie. It’s that simple!


Take a look on how Language Learning with Netflix works with La Casa de Papel (Money Heist):

Language Learning with Netflix Format

If you want to study, you can enable the Language Learning with Netflix function in the LLN Settings. You will see two subtitles once you select your preferred language. On top is the language you want to learn, and below is the translation that you know.

Make sure to check the “Show Human Translation” box to enable it.


You can also select sentences or phrases at the Script Selector in the Subtitle tab that you want to hear or play again so you can learn how to say it.

Script Selector

Another cool feature is the mini dictionary. You can click on a word that you want to learn about and a mini dictionary pops up. 

Mini Dictionary

The word’s reference can also be clicked on, which redirects the page to the dictionary’s website for more meanings of the word that you can look into.

Dictionary Reference

Thank goodness for Language Learning with Netflix! Any language learner can now study and chill at the same time. What language are you trying to learn?

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